Water in the Blast Zone

Trains carrying crude oil and other hazardous cargo travel over and next to rivers and lakes — threatening wildlife, recreation, drinking water, and decades of clean water work.

On this page we share resources from Citizens Acting for Rail Safety chapters and others (click on a link to see the document).

C.A.R.S.- Twin Cities – July 9, 2016
Water in the Blast Zone Presentation
Freight Trains, Hazardous Materials Transport and Risk to Precious Water Resources

C.A.R.S.- Twin Cities – July 9, 2016
Water in the Blast Zone Fact Sheet
Examples of Horrendous Hits and Near Misses since Lac-Megantic
High Hazard Flammable Train (HHFT) cargo like ethanol and crude oil from North Dakota’s Bakken shale formation and the Alberta tar sands threatens our water – and our communities – more and more, as more and more crude oil and ethanol is railroaded across the country along 150-year old rail routes that were never intended to serve as pipelines-on-rails.

C.A.R.S. – La Crosse – Sept. 22, 2016
Letter to Sen. Baldwin about BSNF Derailment into Mississippi River
“In the last two years there have been six documented derailments along the upper Mississippi. … one must question the running of freight along the Upper Mississippi during extreme rain events.

C.A.R.S. – Milwaukee – August 14, 2016 
Kayak & Riverwalk Parade Event Calls for a Stop to Dangerous Crude Oil Trains

on Milwaukee’s Tracks and Bridges 
Citizens Acting for Rail Safety–Milwaukee Area and the Milwaukee Riverkeeper led a group of citizens concerned about crude oil train traffic. After decades of clean water efforts, Milwaukeeans love spending time on our downtown rivers, riverwalk and lake — walking, boating, fishing and dining. We will be paddling and parading to speak out against a dangerous, unnecessary and unacceptable pipeline on rails snaking through Milwaukee that threatens our water, our health and our safety.

Deadly Crossing
Neglected Bridges & Exploding Oil Trains
A report by Waterkeeper Alliance, Rivekeeper & ForestEthics (STAND)
November 2015